French women's ready-to-wear federation to publish magazine for next Paris Fashion week

"We could no longer be absent at events like these, we needed to make our voice heard at the autumn session shows," is how Pierre-François Le Louët describes the new promotional initiative by the French women's ready-to-wear federation (FFPAPF): a fashion magazine targeting trade show buyers, to be launched at the September Paris Fashion Week.

'Fédération', the new magazine which will be circulated to VIP buyers at the autumn fashion trade shows - WSN Développement

The new magazine, called 'Fédération' - to reflect the nature of its publisher and emphasise the sense of community it will feature - aims to promote French fashion labels. The first issue will highlight a selection of twenty French womenswear brands, and will also include editorials on the fashion industry and interviews with leading personalities, all with a strictly professional slant. For example, a joint interview with Pierre-François Le Louët and Pascal Morand focusing on how emerging designers are supported. A series of brand profiles will instead give labels the opportunity of emphasising what makes them unique on the womenswear landscape.

All content will be produced exclusively by the FFPAPF, and the magazine will be distributed to a select group of buyers, notably via the VIP 'clubs' of the Parisian trade shows (Paris sur Mode, Première Classe, Tranoï, Woman), as well as via a few showrooms and concept stores in the city, the target readers’ usual haunts.

'Fédération' will be published in two languages, and will allow the FFPAPF to support premium labels during the crucial fashion week period, and not just at the spring session shows, which are generally targeted to a broader segment of the market.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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