A lingerie revolution: new brands, young designers and an in-vogue sportswear trend.

Lingerie is constantly changing. For several seasons now, with young brands launching in lingerie design which continues to grow and the big store Le Bon Marché is constantly adding them.(INTERVIEW)Each is seeking a theme, a special feature and above all renewal. Young designers aren’t lacking in ideas. There is a play with quality, as seen at the brand L’ingénieuse which is an ethical 100% French brand. Beija London for their part, features all types of women, no matter their morphologie. Of course, this does not prevent emerging trends such as transparency, already a clothing trend but which also appears in lingerie, or even the sportswear trend.(INTERVIEW)Yes, lingerie is becoming a garment in its own right and reveals itself completely, to be worn underneath or above clothing. Interview of Laurence Dekowski, Director of the Lingerie Depertment at Le Bon Marché: It’s a huge movement, lots of new brands are arriving on the market, it’s a very interesting issue in fashion, often extremely young and they’ve come to really energise the lingerie market and so they’re bringing something new which hasn’t been the case for the last 10 years so we can say that there is a lingerie revolution.Everything with elasticated straps, that makes reference more to sport, is arriving in lingerie. We’re following this fashion effect because it’s also lingerie which shows more and also lingerie that we buy for ourselves and that’s the huge evolution as well, we want to indulge ourselves and to show off our lingerie from time to time, so by putting a bralette underneath a jacket and by not trying to really hide your bra underneath a shirt or jumper.Music royalty free/ Bandit & Nikit / 2018

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